2000-12-28 / Community

Get a New Look at Judaysia

Judaysia offers help and hope for those with fine, limp and thin hair.

For the holiday season, Judaysia-styled hair is groomed, full of volume and sexy-looking. By doing some backcombing in the crown, hair is given "that sexy Brigitte Bardot look," according to Judaysia.

A great cut that can stand on its own is the first ingredient in the recipe for luscious-looking locks.

The look begins with a Volumtechnics haircut for full volume and body. Volumtechnics is the art of cutting volume into fine, limp and thin hair. Any hair style can be cut with this technique–– long or short.

To finish the style off with flair, Judaysia recommends her new mousse formulated for fine hair and hard to hold hair, which will hold a style the day long.

For an appointment, please call (818) 880-4630 or visit the Website using your computer at www.thegrid.net/and/voltech.html.

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